I started out giving Nellie, my 12 1/2 year old 32 pound Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a CBD co-op dog treat once in awhile when she looked like she “needed it”. About 3 weeks ago I began giving her one every morning. That proved to be the winning ticket in that she feels better all the time. Not just when she “needed it”. So much so that she is starting to pester me to play with her like she hasn’t done in a year and a half. This morning on our walk she tried to chase a noisy lawn service truck and trailer down the street. Of course she was on a leash so she didn’t get far and that is not behavior I encourage but the spark was there. If your old dog has slowed down due to arthritic inflammation (that is what the Vet said about Nellie) It’s time for you to learn a new trick. CBD dog treats work.

― Nellie -Nashville