CBD Dog Chews from The CBD Co-Op Nashville, TN

We have a 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier (Sam), who has lived a very active, playful life that we figured was perhaps just naturally coming to a close.  
He was introduced to the CBD Co-Op dog chews a couple weeks ago.  He loves the chews, but the big news is his new found energy!  He plays again, runs like a puppy and just seems to feel better and his disposition reflects that.  He (and we) are a fan of the dog chews!

Sam Taking a Break

Barbara – Washington
500 mg CBD Salve from The CBD Co-Op Nashville TN

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 12 years ago.  I was prescribed Humira injections and it helps, but the CBD o-op softgels, balm, and sports cream have actually given me more relief.  Won’t be without these products again!

Dorie – Seattle
25 mg CBD Softgels, The CBD Co-Op Nashville, TN

My wife and I are finding these products very helpful. She uses the cbd pills with melatonin to help her sleep and I like the sports cream for my knees after a long work day.

Zack & Amy Tennessee

Nearly two years ago, my wife and I began researching the pain relief benefits of using CBD products. We discovered the CBD Salve and Softgels worked well to lessen joint and muscle pain, therefore we have been using it continuously since.

Today I awoke very early with pain in my forearms so bad I could not get back to sleep. I got up thinking I would take a Tylenol tablet when I remembered that we had recently purchased a bottle of the CBD Sports Cream. Using it for the first time, I applied a small amount to each forearm and was astonished at how quickly I received relief from pain; Sports Cream is the product I will turn to for temporary relief from muscle strain.

Our experience with the products and customer service provided by The CBD CO-OP has been excellent!

Jerry from Wyoming

I started out giving Nellie, my 12 1/2 year old 32 pound Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a CBD co-op dog treat once in awhile when she looked like she “needed it”. About 3 weeks ago I began giving her one every morning. That proved to be the winning ticket in that she feels better all the time. Not just when she “needed it”. So much so that she is starting to pester me to play with her like she hasn’t done in a year and a half. This morning on our walk she tried to chase a noisy lawn service truck and trailer down the street. Of course she was on a leash so she didn’t get far and that is not behavior I encourage but the spark was there. If your old dog has slowed down due to arthritic inflammation (that is what the Vet said about Nellie) It’s time for you to learn a new trick. CBD dog treats work.

Nellie -Nashville

I have arthritis in my right hip and over the last several years have had to use ibuprofen every day. I now use the 25 mg Joy CBD softgels which have taken the place of the ibuprofen. I like the portion control feature of the softgels over the drops.

Dan -Nashville