CO-OP Membership

Co-Op CBD was created to educate and to build a group buying service that can reduce the cost of quality CBD products for it’s members.

Why we started Co-Op CBD:

  1. There is an illusion of knowledge – “A little knowledge can be more dangerous than none at all”
  2. False Advertising and mislabeling is widespread
  3. The decision not to try CBD products is based on the perceived high cost rather than the impact CBD may have on one’s quality of life.


Each person and their needs are different. Our Co-Op does not diagnose, council or suggest serving size.

Our Co-Op is built on self-education and exposure to real, quality CBD products. We rely on or membership to provide our community testimonials.
Good or Bad.

Membership Is Not Required on Your First Order

$25.00 per year
Payments or Credit Card
Guarantee: 30 day money back Guarantee if you are not happy with the Co-Op Membership or products.

Membership Discount
40% of advertised retail price
State Sales Tax will be added

We will only bill the actual USPS shipping fee

Testimonials & Blog Posts
All Co-Op CBD can be part of our informational platform so please send us your experience with your CBD Products.